Legatron trumps Megatron, billboards cheer

Justin Tucker's game-winning field goal also scores ice cream flavor

December 21, 2013

Ravens fans giddy from Justin Tucker's stunning last-minute, third-longest-game-winning field goal in the history of the NFL got a treat while on the road last week.

Billboards along Interstates 95, 895 and 83 proclaim "Legatron > Megatron" and "In Tucker we Trust" in celebration of the Ravens' 18-16 victory over the Detroit Lions.

Clear Channel Outdoor posted the messages Tuesday morning to the electronic billboards they own.

FYI, for those who aren't football fans, "Legatron" is a nickname that honors Tucker's powerful kicking skills. "Megatron" is a nickname for Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson.

Tucker's mighty 61-yard kick was also commemorated with a special flavor at The Charmery, the Hampden ice cream shop.

The Legatron limited-edition ice cream flavor, according to The Charmery's David Alima, is a "Dr Pepper-based ice cream with a cayenne kick."

Why Dr Pepper? Tucker's accomplishments off the field include singing his heart out in a video promoting the sugary soda.

Julie Scharper and Richard Gorelick

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