Baltimore Zoo visitors name lion cubs Luke and Leia

'Star Wars' monikers beat out suggestions from 'The Simpsons' and Shakespeare

December 21, 2013|By Tim Swift, The Baltimore Sun  

The force is strong with these ones.

The Baltimore Zoo has announced Friday the winners of a contest to name its two lion cubs. With more than 20,000 votes, the cubs will now be known as Luke and Leia -- after the heroes of the first three "Star Wars" movies -- beating out suggestions from "The Simpsons" and Shakespeare.

The 10-week-old cubs, who lost their mother when she died from labor complications, are reported to be in good health.

The zoo's website reports: "They are both healthy and enjoy playing with one another. Solid foods are now part of their daily diet with the addition of meat as they no longer rely on formula."

Other choices were Kulu and Madoa (18,960 votes), Lear and Circe (2,920) and Bart and Maggie (934)

Luke and Leia are sharing the lions’ den in quarantine with a third cub, Zuri. Zuri was recently came to The Maryland Zoo from Miami Zoo after her mother rejected her and her siblings.  The siblings died, leaving Zuri on her own. 

The three cubs will leave quarantine in mid-January. Weather will determine when the cubs can go on display.

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