Baltimore Police department's unintentional retro graphic design project

(Baltimore Police Twitter…)
December 20, 2013|By Julie Scharper and Carrie Wells, The Baltimore Sun

The Baltimore City Police created a new logo for #ASaferBaltimore social media campaign.

In an attempt to be interactive and social media savvy, they asked their Twitter followers what they thought of all the design.

Big mistake.

"If this were the 80s, I'd say you nailed it," wrote.

Others placed the design in the 1970s or 90s. Several opined that it appeared to be the title sequence of a 90s sitcom, perhaps a sequel to "Perfect Strangers."

Some wondered what the technology the department used to create the logo.

"Someone in the police department has a nephew who is 'good with computers,'" said @mikecomplains

"I think I designed something similar PowerPoint," said @BridgetForney

We asked Lt. Eric Kowalczyk, head of the department’s media relations unit, a question that many had speculated about on Twitter -- Was any public money spent on this uh, design?

He said the image was designed in-house and was also used as the backdrop last month when police unveiled a new strategic plan for their operations. It does not replace the department’s official logo.

“It’s just an image and a message that we’re trying to convey to the city,” he said.

To see more responses to the design, check out this Storify gallery created by Sun reporter Colin Campbell.

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