Howard County police issue warning on fake IDs

Department says it'll start enforcement of law that can lead to license suspension

December 19, 2013

Howard County police say they are launching enforcement of a standing state law that can lead to loss of a driver's license for up to a year for anyone caught using a fake ID.

Police said the law has been on the books for some time, and they plan to enforce it more vigorously "with many college students home for the holidays, and high school students preparing for winter break."

Howard police say the department seizes some 300 fake IDs every year, mostly from high school-age teens attempting to use them at liquor stores, concerts, bars and restaurants.

"We are hoping that the idea of losing their driver's license will make them think twice," said Police Chief William McMahon in the release.

Police said under the law, anyone under age 21 caught with a fake ID can lose their driver's license for six months for a first offense and one year on the second. The penalty also applies if a person is cited for underage possession of alcohol, even if a fake ID isn't involved. For teens who don't yet have a driver's license, use of a fake ID or the possession of alcohol can result in a suspension beginning the day their license is issued.

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