Real folly is government's failed war on drugs [Letter]

December 19, 2013

I am sad to read the recent commentary against legalizing marijuana ("The folly of marijuana legalization," Dec. 12). It is an ignorant attempt to cling to outdated beliefs and lacks the vision our country deserves. The position of opponents like Gregory Kline, that the government is better suited to manage the individual than the individual himself, is an insult to the America people.

The most common cry from opponents about legalization is about exposing children to marijuana. It is evident the opponents' eyes are already closed. Marijuana is everywhere, especially in our schools. And it was brought there by criminals that billions of dollars in government spending have failed to stop. Billions of dollars! Who is best to regulate marijuana, the people or the government? There is a reason alcohol is regulated and people are carded to make a purchase. However, kids still obtain alcohol and get into trouble. Why haven't opponents put forth the effort to make alcohol illegal? Is it because we learned that the real force in protecting our children is parents? The government is not my daddy, and I am glad because the war on drugs is a complete failure.

The support for marijuana legalization is the tip of an iceberg. Because of people like Mr. Kline have created such a damning stigma about marijuana, many who believe in legalization won't publicly speak out because of the stigma. They are corporate workers who can't speak up until it is time to vote. And when they do, Mr. Kline's voice will quiet.

Eric Thompson

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