Jaffe: Abolish the Public Service Commission [Letter]

December 19, 2013

Your report on the rate hike recently granted to BGE clearly demonstrates the importance of abolishing the Maryland Public Service Commission ("Md. approves BGE rate increase, surcharge," Dec. 13).

In theory, the commissioners are supposed to regulate BGE and protect the taxpayers. However, in practice what they do is regulate the taxpayers and protect BGE.

I've also concluded we should abolish the Maryland Office of People's Counsel. The office is a ploy used by the governor and the General Assembly to give the impression they are looking out for residential utility customers. In fact, however, their performance is ineffective. BGE's rate increases continue on and on.

I am fed up with BGE ripping off its customers. The only way to bring this to a halt is to join our movement to get rid of the corruption in Maryland politics.

Ralph Jaffe, Baltimore

The writer is a Democratic candidate for governor.

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