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December 18, 2013|By Louise Vest

50 Years Ago

Roosting habits

From the 4-H Highlights:

"The committee presented the 1964 program to the members and they accepted it. Each member selected the topic of the month which she would like to prepare.

"Barbara Brunk gave the following demonstrations: 'Dog Care', 'Dos and Don'ts of Washing Clothes', and 'Eating and Roosting Habits of Chickens.' "

"New Highways Listed In five Year Program

"The State Roads commission today announced construction of 12.49 miles of new highway in Howard County as a part of a five year program to cover the period from July 1, 1964, to June 30, 1969.

"The program will be submitted for approval by the General Assembly at the 30 day session in February. Financing is based on a proposed 1 cent increase in the state gas tax, a 1% increase in titling tax, and adjustments ."

The Maryland legislature begins the second Wednesday in January and meets for 90 days, unless the members vote to go into overtime on some matter, a session that can last up to 30 days.

December 1927

Road rage

From a Letter to the Editor: "W.H. Parlett Decries Condition of Road From Ivory To West Friendship:

"After reading the 'writeup' in the last issue of your valuable paper about  the fine condition of the county roads, I can't resist telling about the condition of the most damnable piece of road in the State — from Ivory to West Friendship.

:There is no cattle path, on one's back lane to a hog pasture, nor any God forsaken saw mill road in half as bad a condition. Yet our County Commissioners expect a school bus to transport more than twenty children over this stretch twice a day. Last winter it was impassable for over two months, and all of the small children who couldn't walk thru the mud had to miss school. There are more small children this year. What will the Truant officer's duties with these conditions existing?

"This road is just about one hundred percent worse than it was a year ago. Nothing has been done to it in the last three years, except some mud has been thrown in the middle. There are two bridges on this road in worse shape than any bridge I have ever ridden over. There is such a drop at one of these bridges, that the bus driver said yesterday, the children came near going through the windshield.

"In Anne Arundel County the roads that the school buses travel are put and kept in first class condition, and I daresay in most every other county you'll find it the same way. But in Howard County the good roads are put where they will buy the most votes.

"Yours truly, W.H. Parlett, West Friendship, Md."

December 1889

Escape from death

"Buried Alive in a Well

"Mr. R. Roland Moore, a young farmer and an expert in repairing pumps, windmills and similar contrivances, had a narrow escape from death on Monday on the farm of Mr. Samuel Hopkins, at Highland.

 "Mr. Moore, whose home is in the Sandy Spring neighborhood of Montgomery county, had visited Mr. Hopkins' farm to adjust a pump. He descended into the well, which is about forty feet deep to examine a force pump operated by a windmill. While pursuing his examination the wall caved in and he was buried alive. His smothered cries summoned  Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Moore's aid and the farm hands. After two hours of work they succeeded in removing the earth, which had caved in."

"When the well caved in an arch was formed over Mr. Moore's head, and in this cell he was confined until dug out."

Now that's a bad day at work.

December 2013: Best wishes to you and yours for a great 2014!

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