Tari Moore is a Republican -- again

Cecil executive's party switching doesn't look good

December 18, 2013|By Brian Griffiths

On Tuesday the Cecil Daily reported that Cecil County County Executive Tari Moore has returned to the Republican fold, in a story that will certainly not help with Moore's credibility:

County Executive Tari Moore is once again a Republican after returning to the party fold last month.
She confirmed Friday that she switched her registration back to Republican online Nov. 11, nearly one year after becoming "unaffiliated."
Moore, who has been a lifelong Republican, switched to unaffiliated last year in between her election and being sworn in as county executive.
Moore of course changed her party affiliation from Republican to unaffiliated shortly before her swearing in as County Executive solely to circumvent the ability of the duly elected Cecil County Council to appoint her replacement to the council. This of course after winning a seven-way primary in April 2012, and then receiving Maryland Republican Party assistance in the General Election.

In comments made to the Cecil Daily, Moore noted this nugget:

"The judge was clear that I did not violate the charter," added Moore, who said she knows in her heart that she did the right thing.

Reflecting on it now, Moore said, "It was a pretty bold thing. I felt I had to return Cecil County to those who are elected to represent people on the county level."

That statement is rich considering that Moore's act was one of defiance against the charter and against the people that elected her by instead taking the power to appoint her replacement from the people who were elected to represent the people of the county and instead instilling it herself, a move that we typically associate with Maryland Democrats and others who are trying to circumvent the spirit of the law.

In a statement released Tuesday morning Cecil County Republican Chairman Chris Zeauskus remains defiant:

As you might remember, just after being elected County Executive, Tari Moore changed her Party affiliation in a politically motivated move to control who her successor would be in filling her then vacant County Council seat.
She chose to steal the right of the duly elected Cecil County Republican Central Committee to nominate candidates to fill her vacancy on the Cecil County Council.
As per the County Charter, when a vacancy opens on the County Council (assuming that seat is held by a Republican), the Cecil County Republican Central Committee nominates 3 individuals for the County Council to select for appointment.
Rather than stand for the conservative Republican values of Cecil County voters, Tari Moore decided to undermine them.

The issue that I and others at Red Maryland always had with Moore was one not of laws or legality, but integrity and character. At the time of the incident I wrote:

I don't know Tari Moore, had never heard from her, she didn't ask me for money, and she never sought our endorsement. I understand from both sides that there is an intraparty squabble at work here. But from the outside looking in I can tell you that what she did is beyond reprehensible and destroys the credibility of her administration from day one, an even more daunting proposition for Cecil County given the fact that she is the first county executive in county history. Let's face it, the voters got the wool pulled over their eyes by their newly elected exec, who has abandoned principle and displayed a disturbing lack of judgment in order to merely settle scores and retain power over the County Council. 
Before even taking the oath of office, Tari Moore proved herself to be a disgrace who is unfit to serve Cecil County.

Something I stand by today. What Moore did shows that she lacks the character of somebody who should be occupying an office of public trust. I look forward to seeing this poor excuse for a leader face a credible and serious primary challenger in 2016.

--Brian Griffiths is a co-founder and contributing editor for Red Maryland, which has strived to be the premier blog and radio network of conservative and Republican politics and ideas in the free state since 2007. He is chairman of the Maryland Young Republicans. and has worked on and advised numerous local, state and federal campaigns. His Red Maryland posts appear here regularly.
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