Randy Orton-Daniel Bryan match headlines WWE Raw

December 17, 2013|By Arda Ocal

Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan put on a terrific match to end WWE Raw on Monday night, and it ended in a disqualification.

John Cena, who earlier insisted that Bryan get the nod as challenger to Orton's title, came to make the save, but the show ended with Orton standing tall, holding both championships.

This creates an interesting bottleneck for the WWE championship -- Cena seemingly will get another match at some point, and Bryan is back in the hunt. With the Royal Rumble looming, and only one main championship for winner to seek, you have to wonder how the scenario will play out.

Another thing to consider -- if Bryan or Cena doesn't win the Royal Rumble and battle for the WWE title, a perfect candidate to face a villain unified champion is Chris Jericho, who himself unified the titles in 2001. Good guy Jericho against bad guy Orton could be compelling for at least one pay-per-view title match, if it were to happen.

What else you need to know from WWE Raw

* Shawn Michaels and CM Punk had a heated back-and-forth exchange in the ring. Michaels is back to being a jerk, and I like it. If he is to return to the ring, though, I have all my eggs in the basket of Michaels vs. Bryan at WrestleMania. Mr. WrestleMania facing his protege, the next "Mr. WrestleMania" of sorts. CM Punk against Triple H seems like a great WrestleMania matchup as well.

* The Wyatt Family had another creepy promo. You can't help but love them, and they get better every week.

* Team Non-Total Divas (AJ, Alicia Fox, Tamina) beat Team Total Divas (Natalya, Bella Twins).

* The Shield beat CM Punk and The Usos. I love The Usos in the role of the exciting team in multi-man matches. One day they will be tag team champions. They keep getting louder and more exciting reactions from the WWE crowd.

* Brodus Clay attacked Tensai after he lost a match to Rybaxel. Let the Brodus Clay monster be unleashed!

* Damien Sandow as "bad Santa" will face Santa Mark Henry next week on WWE Raw. Sandow as anything is funny, though I don't see Henry losing. It doesn't matter because this will be funny.

* Speaking of Henry, he and Big E Langston beat the Real Americans by pinfall.

* Dolph Ziggler avenged his loss on the pre-show to Fandango, defeating him on Raw.

* Bad News Barrett is back! I want him to deliver actual bad news to people like he does on the JBL/Cole Show.

* Rey Mysterio and The Big Show beat The Rhodes brothers. Perhaps a title shot is looming here.

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