Marijuana hogwash [Letter]

December 17, 2013

I just finished reading Gregory Kline's commentary, "The folly of marijuana legalization" (Dec. 13), and what a hoot it is! Was it written in this century? It sounded like one of those propaganda pieces from the 1930s.

Unfortunately for these knuckle-dragging Republicans, all they have to use as arguments are the nonsense excuses the government dreamed up nearly a century ago.

But the Republican trolls should get used to it. They are a dying breed, and their lies don't work any more. I urge everyone who still has any questions about the benefits of marijuana legalization to purchase the book, "Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts" by Lynn Zimmer and John Morgan, which totally debunks all of the lies the government has spread about marijuana for the last century. And don't be confused by the DEA published propaganda manifesto, "Marijuana Myths & Facts," which the government printed merely to try to muddy the water. It has about as much truth in it as the pamphlets the Koch brothers print that claim there is no such thing as global warming.

William Smith, Baltimore

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