Anthony Brown's website glitch

December 17, 2013|By Brian Griffiths

Maryland’s Obamacare website, the Maryland Health Connection, isn’t the only website that needs fixing.

 Lt. Governor Anthony Brown’s campaign website still claims under the “Real Results” section:

 "Led the nation in implementing the Affordable Care Act, which independent studies show will reduce the number of uninsured in Maryland by 50%, and create $3 billion in annual economic activity and 26,000 jobs in Maryland by 2020; "


"Implementing Obamacare:  As the leader of Maryland’s efforts to improve health care and Co-Chair of the Health Care Reform Coordinating Council, Lt. Governor Brown has positioned Maryland as the national leader in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act."

A more accurate description would be “Anthony Brown led the nation in botching implementation of Obamacare, and positioned Maryland as a national leader in how public officials can evade and obfuscate to avoid blame for screwing up.”

--Brian Griffiths is a co-founder and contributing editor for Red Maryland, which has strived to be the premier blog and radio network of conservative and Republican politics and ideas in the free state since 2007. He is chairman of the Maryland Young Republicans. and has worked on and advised numerous local, state and federal campaigns. His Red Maryland posts appear here regularly.
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