Soweto Gospel Choir sings tribute to Nelson Mandela in Pretoria Woolworths

December 17, 2013|By Tim Smith, The Baltimore Sun

This uplifting video came to my attention today and I just had to share it. Even if you're sick of choral flashmob events in stores, you're bound to find this one irresistible. 

Seems that the famed Soweto Gospel Choir was planning a flashmob at a Woolworths in Pretoria to promote the charity Operation Smile Christmas. News of Nelson Mandela's death arrived shortly before the project began, so the ensemble changed the music, replacing a James Brown song with an anthem from the 1980s by Johnny Clegg, "Asimbonanga," a plea for Mandela's release from jail.

A powerful tribute. 

NOTE: You can hear this terrific choir Feb. 12 at George Washington University, presented by the Washington Performing Arts Society.

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