Randy Orton stands tall at WWE TLC, unifying titles

December 16, 2013|By Arda Ocal

Randy Orton became the WWE World Heavyweight champion, unifying both top WWE titles and defeating John Cena in the lone match bearing the Pay Per View's name at TLC on Sunday night.

Like most matches on the card, the match was entertaining, with some excellent dramatic moments, particularly near the end of the contest. At one point, Orton handcuffed Cena to the bottom rope and began to climb the ladder to retrieve both titles, only to have Cena unhook the bottom rope in hot pursuit.

After the match, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Vince McMahon appeared to congratulate the new champion.

WWE promised us a unified champion, and we got a unified champion.

It's interesting to me that despite getting what was advertised, a point of complaint for some WWE pundits for recent Pay Per View endings, this ending was also met with criticism - some felt it was too lackluster.

Realistically, if a winner was guaranteed, there could only be two logical outcomes, Orton or Cena (unless some elaborate story came into play that introduced someone else).

Sure, it wasn't the most exciting TLC match ending in history, but it wasn't bad either. Perhaps it is being met with scrutiny by some because of how important the moment is in WWE history.

I'll accept that, but respectfully disagree - I'll wait and see where this moment fits in the entire story that is unfolding. I think there is much more to come.


- All other championships were retained: AJ defeated Natalya in a great Divas matchup, Big E soundly defeated Damien Sandow, and the Rhodes brothers outlasted all teams, defeating Big Show and Rey Mystrerio at the end.

- The other champion, US titlist Dean Ambrose, was accidentally speared by Roman Reigns, allowing CM Punk to defeat the Shield and hurry to the entrance (to not get triple teamed post match). More dissension was brewing between the team in black vests - Roman Reigns seems poised for greater things.

- In the other 3 on 1 handicap match, the Wyatt Family (who gets creepier and more awesome by the match), defeated Daniel Bryan. A great match with the Wyatt Family showing some excellent offense which consisted of lots of yelling, packaged with physical abuse, but in small doses. Now that's impact.

- In the unadvertised matches of the evening, Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz (a match set up during the PPV pre show panel), while R Truth rolled up a dominant but cocky Broddus Clay for a surprise win. The bad guy monster Clay is lurking and we saw shades of that tonight.

- In the pre show matchup, Fandango defeated Dolph Ziggler. The "Show Off" is becoming the internet's biggest course of complaint. D-Ziggs himself even jokingly responded to a fan, agreeing that he and the Cleveland Browns have a lot in common.

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