'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' recap, 'It's My Night'

  • Jeff Probst awards Tyson Apolstol with the Immunity Necklace on "Survivor: Blood vs. Water."
Jeff Probst awards Tyson Apolstol with the Immunity Necklace… (CBS )
December 16, 2013|Beth Aaltonen | For The Baltimore Sun

The finale for "Survivor: Blood vs. Water" starts with a recap of the whole season. I’ve already done that, thank you very much, so I won’t be doing it again here. You can check out the previous recaps if there’s anything you missed.

So after the whole season, we’re left with Gervase, Monica, Tyson and Ciera. But don’t forget, we’ve got one more Redemption Island challenge and either Laura, Tina or Hayden will come back into the game. And most likely be voted right back out, because it doesn’t look like the alliance of Gervase, Tyson and Monica is going to break.

Things are a little awkward back at camp, given that Ciera was totally trashing Tyson to Monica right in front of him. I’m pretty sure that she was lying about it, too, but Tyson doesn’t bother accusing her, since it would just lead to an argument. He’s doing well just keeping his cool and keeping Monica happy.

Monica realizes Tyson and Gervase might be just using her to get to the end, but she also realizes that once the person from Redemption Island comes back, she’ll be the swing vote again, so it’s her choice if she sticks with them. I think she’d be crazy to go to the end with Tyson and Gervase, because she has no chance of winning against either of them (well, maybe Gervase, but definitely not Tyson.)

Hayden arrives at Redemption Island and commiserates with Laura and Tina. Laura is super-happy to hear that Ciera won the Immunity Idol. She says that one of them needs to get back in there, and Hayden rightly points out that one of them will (duh, that’s the whole point of Redemption Island).

Hayden jinxes himself by saying that he should win, since he’s going up against a couple of grandmas. Hayden, have you seen Laura at challenges? You’d be lucky to keep up.

And we’ll see if he can, because it’s time for Redemption Island Arena! As most crucial challenges are, it’s an endurance challenge; this time they have to balance a vase on a seesaw with one foot. The seesaw moves both vertically and laterally. I always feel foolish when describing these challenges, but I try and use terms that will immediately call to mind what the challenge looks like, even if the producers didn’t have a seesaw in mind when they came up with the challenge.

Laura is not doing well, wobbling all over the place. She recovers. Hayden appears to get something in his eye, which is enough to send him off balance; his vase goes crashing onto the rocks below. Laura asks Tina to let her win. Nice try, Laura; ain’t nobody giving something like that away this late in the game. 

Laura keeps wobbling, and in the end can’t recover. Holy crap, it’s Tina who is back in the game. I sure didn’t see that coming.

So Hayden and Laura both leave the game. Hayden leaves with positivity, saying that the game has made him appreciate what he has, while Laura feels like she’s a failure because she didn’t win this last challenge. Gee, it must have been tough growing up in Laura’s house if that’s how she views second place.

As soon as Tina get s to camp, she starts talking strategy. She and Ciera agree that they should try and convince Monica to go with an all-girl, all-mom final three. Truthfully, I think it’s their best chance of getting her to turn. Vilifying Tyson didn’t work, so maybe this will.

Tina’s coming on a little hard, telling Monica that no one who’s come through Redemption Island thinks that Monica deserves to win. Ciera knows that pushing Monica into a decision is the wrong way to go, so she tries to soften it by appealing to her ego, saying that she’s played a great game thus far, and getting rid of Tyson and Gervase is the kind of game-changing move that would prove how good Monica is.

Immunity Idol Challenge time! This time, they’re building a line of blocks. No, really. Oh, but they are on a tilting table that the Survivors have to hold on to and keep steady while moving back to get the additional blocks. OK, that’s harder.

The women take an early lead, with Ciera, Monica and Tina doing well. But then Monica drops hers, as does Tina. They both have to start again, giving Tyson a chance to pull ahead. There’s a whole lot of dropping and starting again, with the exception of Tyson, who is moving very slowly, but very steadily. Which works, because while everyone is running and dropping, Tyson wins the challenge.

So, just like last week, it’s all down to what Monica will do. Will she side with the girls and get rid of Gervase, or will she stick with Gervase and Tyson and most likely get rid of Ciera. 

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