The small kindnesses of Baltimore living [Letter]

December 13, 2013

I was reminded recently of why I love Baltimore so much. It was a snowy morning as I rode the No. 27 bus from downtown to Hampden. I had gotten off at 36th and Chestnut streets to begin my day at the office with a cup of coffee from Common Ground when I realized I had left my backpack with all my essentials aboard the bus.

I tore out of the shop and ran frantically down The Avenue, but it was too late. The bus was nowhere in sight. I desperately flagged down the nearest vehicle, whose driver had stopped at an intersection. Though taken aback at first, he quickly recovered, cleared space for me in his passenger seat and took off after the bus.

We eventually caught up with it several miles away. The man, who I now know as Ian, pulled over in front of the bus at a red light. The bus driver let me on and handed me my backpack with a smile almost as big as mine.

Ian refused a reward, instead offering his heroic gesture up in honor of the holidays as he drove me back near the place where our adventure had started. It was just another day in Baltimore City.

Jane Seebold, Baltimore

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