'Scandal' recap, 'A Door Marked Exit'

  • Now that the truth is out there, things will never be the same on "Scandal." KERRY WASHINGTON
Now that the truth is out there, things will never be the same… (Danny Feld / ABC )
December 13, 2013|Lauren McEwen | For The Baltimore Sun

So here’s the thing: "Scandal” won’t be returning until Feb. 27. The news came out that they were cutting the season short a few episodes -- most likely due to Kerry Washington’s pregnancy (CONGRATS!). But that doesn’t change the fact that fans are not happy about having to wait over two months to find out what the consequences of last night’s episode will be.

We start off with Sally, who is still reeling from murdering Daniel Douglas. In frenzied flashbacks, we see how it happened. Sally confronted D.D. about cheating on her with James and accused him of attempting to ruin everything she has worked hard for.

At first, he is apologetic and tries to assure her that James promised not to tell anyone about that night, but as she continue to press him, he gets frustrated that she keeps referring to her future, and not their future. She’s even more furious that he fell for Cyrus’s trap and “released a snake in our garden.” What would Sally be without Biblical allegory?

She starts railing at D.D. about his “disgusting perversion,” and he is not having it. He tells her that she knew he was attracted to men when she married him. But Sally, striving for a political career but with no marriage prospects -- of course, a woman politician with Sally’s background would need a healthy-looking marriage to reach even a modicum of success -- so she set her sights on D.D. He acquiesced, because he didn’t want to be disowned by his family.

But I think she really snapped when he claimed credit for getting her career this far. She tells him that he is her burden and her original sin, “pretty and stupid and you can’t make a living to save your life.”

But then he tips the scales way too far, saying he has the only thing she needs to be president, which is male genitalia. He threatens to leave her, tell the world he’s gay and then start giving interviews to the press. Sally snaps and stabs him repeatedly with a letter opener. Welp.

Cyrus gets there and begins to realize that D.D.’s fate, along with the failure of his own marriage, is all his fault

Olivia wants the P&A team to figure out exactly what Terrorist Mama Pope (not be confused with Dead Mama Pope) actually did. That way, Olivia can decide if she should truly have her arrested as soon as she lands in Hong Kong

She also wants to know where Quinn is, which is at B613. How do we know this? Because Huck jammed a tracking device into the space where one of her teeth used to be. Dude.

At B613, she makes a deal with Eli in the hopes of getting close enough to poison him. Bad luck. He gets the information from another source, making her intel old news. Charlie says it’s a good thing. At least Command didn’t make him kill her.

Quinn goes to the bathroom in search of an escape. Of course, there's none. So she tosses the syringe she was going to use on Eli in the toilet, along with the tracking device she removed using part of the paper towel dispenser.

Liv’s furious that Huck hurt Quinn, but he insists that he needed to get the truth from her and that she betrayed P&A.

Meanwhile, Eli Pope is busy getting snatched up by Fitz’s goons and being taken to that secret torture chamber where they held Huck during season 1, when they thought he was the one who shot Fitz.

This is all done under the guise of keeping Eli occupied while Maya gets away, but for real, I think Fitz just wanted to be able to taunt Eli/Rowan/Command Pope without fear of sudden death. Fitz sits down and begins to interrogate Eli about Operation Remington, but Eli tells him “That’s a matter of national security and above your pay grade, Mr. President.” SON!

Quinn tries to escape Wonderland while Charlie isn’t looking, but he catches up with her because they have a client: Cyrus, who's hired them to clean up Sally’s murder mess. Cyrus is busy trying to convince a guilty Sally to confess to God, not the law, and go back to being a good little soldier in Fitz’s camp.

Abby and Harrison head to David’s office, with an eye toward re-sabotaging his career/getting the office files on Maya (whom we’re referring to as Marie Wallace from now on). There’s a hilarious moment where David refers to his and Abby’s sex life and an uncomfortable Harrison deadpans “I’m right here, though.” I guffawed.

David agrees to email Abby the files, and I really hope no one catches him in this, ever.

Olivia badgers Huck and Jake about finding Eli and Quinn, and is meaner to Huck than we’ve ever seen her be.

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