Lieutenant governor needs his own 'tracker' [Letter]

December 12, 2013

It's interesting how Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown's position has changed regarding transparency in office in just a few short weeks ("Brown's conflict," Dec. 11). Last month, Mr. Brown and his gubernatorial election team expressed strong support for the full-time political tracking of Attorney General Douglas Gansler, his political rival, citing the need for transparency. Mr. Brown's team noted that candidates should "welcome voters to hear their positions and statements."

In recent weeks, documentation from his office has been scant regarding his communications and his leadership role in the botched roll-out of Maryland's Affordable Care Act registration system. To date, only a few innocuous emails have been released. The rest has been deemed not fit for public release by his office, citing "executive privilege."

Perhaps, Mr. Brown's constituency would have been better served if he applied that full-time tracking resource since April to his own actions, increasing transparency in his own camp and improving the likelihood of a successful implementation of Maryland's very important ACA system.

William Bambarger, Elkridge

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