Please let my son come home for Christmas [Letter]

December 12, 2013

My son Ryan was arrested on Sept. 24 for entering an unlocked rear of a dwelling he thought was occupied by an elderly wheelchair-bound women for whom he ran errands, but he entered the wrong home after knocking on the front door for some time. He was trying to earn the last $5 or so of the $30 coming due for restitution on a prior case in which he admitted wrongdoing.

My son was really trying to get his counseling and treatment in order and begin to become a good citizen until this happened. His current case has been well-documented by the public defender's office, but the district courts didn't want to hear it. He was initially denied his first care package until I began calling everyone in central booking. He then became ill and was not given treatment until he couldn't move, then it only gets worse with bullying, etc.

I totally agree with the law professor's letter in The Sun regarding the need for holiday compassion ("Judges and holiday compassion," Dec. 10). My son is now held on a $2,500 cash bail for the one incident and a $15,000 cash bail for a violation of probation.

Ryan's case was recently postponed until Jan. 28 because his public defender had child care issues resulting from weather closings. Meanwhile, the "victim" in the incident has advised the state's attorney that he does not wish to pursue charges. He knows our family and after speaking to him personally, he has realized and has agreed that Ryan made an honest mistake.

We are devastated that we have to go through the holidays without him home after a case such as this. We have no money or way of posting these outrageous bail amounts!

Janet M. Anderson, Baltimore

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