Julia Louis-Dreyfus loves Maryland; New York magazine trashes 'dreary' Columbia

December 12, 2013|By Julie Scharper, The Baltimore Sun

Update: "Veep" star Julia Louis-Dreyfus said she "loves Maryland" and was joking that the warehouse where the show is filmed is prison-like, not Columbia, in a Twitter post Thursday evening.

"Just want 2 clarify.I love Maryland.Our crew is fab.The prison joke was a joke re: the warehouse.Truly sorry if anyone was offended," Louis-Dreyfus posted.

A profile of the star in New York magazine and its pop-culture website Vulture dismissed Columbia as "home to one of the dreariest American landscapes imaginable: office parks, chain malls, and a cluster of Northeast-corridor warehouses for Sears and the like."

The author of the profile seemed to have been profoundly disoriented to find himself in an actual suburb and one with offices and malls no less.

Columbia "is neither here nor there, which is to say that it's somewhere between Baltimore and Washington, D.C." writes Jonathan Van Meter, who interviewed Louis-Dreyfus at the Columbia soundstage where several local television shows have been filmed. 

"That it is also now home to the production back lots for highbrow East Coast television does nothing to ameliorate" the proximity to warehouses and malls, he writes.

Well, Louis-Dreyfus took up for Columbia, right?

"Thank God the work's good," Louis-Dreyfus said in the interview.  "Can you imagine if it wasn't?" she continued.  "It would be a prison."

A prison?  Did the actress really trash James Rouse's dream planned community as a prison?  

One can only hope she was referring to the warehouse in which she was filming.

I'll admit that Columbia's faux quaint street names are little creepy, but, as suburbs go, it's not that bad.  There's Merriweather and that holiday lights thing.  

Imagine if Vulture and Louis-Dreyfus were forced to spend time in a truly boring suburb, like, say Timonium. 

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