Fundraising Omar comin'. Ya feel me?

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December 12, 2013|By Julie Scharper, The Baltimore Sun

Omar comin'.

But the scar-faced "Wire" character is not here to steal a dealer's stash or whip a weapon from his long overcoat.

No, Omar Little is here to raise money for charity.

The Twitter account @FundraisingOmar, which popped up last month, whistles "The Farmer in the Dell" and raises awareness of philanthropic campaigns, such as Giving Tuesday, as the Tuesday after Thanksgiving has now been designated. 

The #BmoreGivesMore campaign raised $5.4 million for charity on Giving Tuesday. 

Omar also shares advice for professional fundraisers.

"In the fundraising game, there will always be young hoppuhs tryna be tha kingpin. like pawns in a chess game, feel me?" he tweeted this morning.

In an email, the creator of the @FundraisingOmar account declined to break character, but said the campaign was crafted to draw attention to Baltimore charities while having a little fun.

“I've always been a community man, lookin' out for those in my community who I can help, and takin' from those who rip it apart. A man must have a code, ya feel me?” the author wrote.

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