Does reported Ultimate Warrior DVD signal a reunion with WWE?

December 11, 2013|By Arda Ocal

According to WWE DVD News, a new Ultimate Warrior WWE DVD has been scheduled for an April 2014 release.

This is big news, considering the circumstances. 

The man also known as Jim Hellwig has consistently said publicly that the "Self Destruction of Ultimate Warrior" DVD that WWE released in 2005 was one of the major points of dissension between him and the company.

With a new DVD being released, it could heal this old wound, particularly if Warrior is involved in the project. It's been reported that Warrior and Vince McMahon had a closed door meeting when both were in Los Angeles during SummerSlam weekend in August.

The Ultimate Warrior recently signed on to do promotional work for the WWE 2K14 video game. Though it was a deal with 2K sports, and not WWE directly, WWE would still be aware and involved in some capacity. 

The other interesting point is the timing of the DVD release. April 2014 is right around Wrestlemania 30, and the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame, which will ignite chatter about the possibility of Warrior being inducted this year. Two weeks ago, Warrior told Digital Spy that in order for the character to accept being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, "They'd need to tell the right story."

Perhaps the release of a new DVD will do just that.

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