Redistricting plans should keep our neighborhoods together [Letter]

December 11, 2013

"I am a kid, not a number," says a child's sign in the photograph from the Nov. 28 article "Board passes redistricting plan amid parent outcry." In a rapidly growing county, clearly redistricting is a necessity. Discontent arises, however, when the board acts simply based on numbers on a map.

The redistricting plan passed by the board split the community south of [Route] 216 in two and created a small feed to Hammond Middle. The Board set aside an existing plan that moved the entire community to Lime Kiln Middle. This plan would have produced a 100 percent feed to Lime Kiln and kept the community intact. The board also rejected a plan proposed by residents to leave the whole community at Hammond Middle. This plan would have resulted in an acceptable capacity level at Hammond and likewise left the community intact.

Board chairman Aquino expressed dismay at parent's outrage. When viable alternatives exist and the board acts against public opinion, it is difficult to understand his confusion.

Redistricting is necessary at times however it should not simply be a numbers game. The board should take comprehensive approach that sticks to the objectives of increasing large feeds and keeping neighborhoods intact.

Stephanie Ravel


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