It's the most wonderful, romantic time of the year

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December 11, 2013|By Jamie Bacon, For The Baltimore Sun

I love my engagement story, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world but I can’t help but think how romantic this time of year can be as well. Some may think it’s cliché to get engaged around the holidays, but I think it’s what is important to you. Maybe you two started dating around the holiday season or have special traditions you do each year. Seeing the beautiful snow just made me think of how many lucky ladies will be getting engaged possibly by something written in the snow or maybe sitting fireside -- the options are really endless. 

I never really realized until recently that there is a more popular season for engagements, and this is the season. I’m really excited to see engagements popping up all over Facebook, and I look forward to seeing the different and clever ideas guys come up with. Like I said, I love my engagement at the park with the roses but getting engaged in the snow would have to be a close second for me.  So if your significant other has been hinting about getting married, keep your cameras close and your nails painted because it may be sooner than you think!

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