The fallacy of Maryland's gun laws

Moving up the Brady Campaign's rankings won't make us safer

December 10, 2013

As The Sun's Michael Dresser reported Monday Morning, Maryland ranks 4th in the latest scorecard released by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Maryland was one of several states that enacted more restrictive gun laws in the wake of the Newtown school shooting last December, cheered on by the editorial page of many a newspaper including this one

Many supporters of gun rights are claiming ridiculous things, such as Vinnie DeMarco's outrageous claim in Dresser's piece that "We're going to save a lot of lives with this new law."

Nothing of course could be further from the truth.

Red Maryland has an extensive history reporting on gun issues here in the state of Maryland, and unlike Mr. DeMarco, we actually introduce facts, reason, and logic into discussions about gun policy. But I would like to focus on something that I wrote nearly one year ago in response to the aforementioned Sun editorial, about gun policy in the wake of the Newtown shooting:

So the idea is that stricter gun control is something that would have broad based appeal in the wake of this tragedy. And while gun control leaders, many of whom are hiding behind their private security, police protection, or in the case of Dianne Feinstein her concealed carry permit, are quick to call for additional curbs on guns in order to stop the "next one", there are a few key points that they tend to forget:

  • The killer in Newtown stole the weapons he used in this killing; the two handguns it was illegal for him to possess given his age; and additionally, he was stopped from purchasing additional weapons once a background check was completed.

And that says nothing about one basic premise of gun laws: the idea that criminals, those that are most prone to commit such heinous atrocities, are going to be stopped a by a law. The killer in this instance broke any number of gun laws before committing his crime; other than disarming law-abiding civilians, what practical impact will additional gun control measures have? None.

The fact of the matter is that those who supporting curbing your constitutional right to own a firearm can make all the noise they want about the Brady Campaign rating and how many lives are going to be allegedly saved by outlawing guns. But the facts prove a different story, as one can see through our extensive history of reporting on the issue.

You are no safer today than you were before the gun law went into effect on October 1st. And realistically, if you are a law abiding citizen, you're probably less safe than you were before to the state added all the new hoops you need to jump through to legally acquire a weapon. Hoops the bad guys, incidentally, don't have to concern themselves with.

Stay tuned; we will continue to write on this issues until Maryland enacts a reasonable, constitutional gun policy.

--Brian Griffiths

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