Gansler mistakenly announces endorsements

  • Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler
Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler (Kim Hairston, Baltimore…)
December 10, 2013|Erin Cox | The Baltimore Sun

Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler's campaign on Tuesday morning mistakenly announced support from two state lawmakers who had not endorsed him.

Gansler's campaign spokesman Bob Wheelock said Del. Jeff Waldstreicher and Sen. Roger Manno, both Democrats from Montgomery County, were accidentally included in a list of 43 current and former Montgomery County politicians who backed Gansler's bid for governor.

Wheelock said it was "a mistake in transcribing from one list to another - human error - nothing more."

The Washington Post first reported the error. Later Tuesday, Waldstreicher announced he had decided to support Gansler's chief rival in the Democratic primary contest. 

"Today I made an important decision," Waldstreicher said in an email to supporters. He added that although he considered himself friends of the other Democrats in the race, Brown "represents the same brand of progressive politics that I do."

Gansler has spent months casting himself as an outsider in the race for the Democratic nomination, and Tuesday's announcement was the first time he trumpeted his support. With the absence of Waldstreicher and Manno, Gansler's list of public list of endorsements stands at 41.

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