Using iPads as video recorder: Moratorium, please

December 10, 2013|By Kristine Henry,
The Baltimore Sun

My daughter was in a play this past weekend. She'd worked really hard on her lines, and my husband I were very excited to see the production but were trying to act somewhat cool so as to not make her extra nervous.

The big night came. The costume was on. The congratulatory flowers were purchased. The house lights went down. The tension built. And then? It was iPads as far as the eye could see.

Now let me tell you, it's hard to watch a show when so many people in front of you are holding up iPads, which display what they are filming, so it's like sitting in the dark and looking out at a sea of brighly flickering televisions that people are hoisting above their heads.

Oh, look, way off in the distance, past the screens, are actual humans in action.

I get it, we all want to capture these moments. But is this the new normal?

(We were at an indoor water park last year and I saw a woman in one of the pools, surrounded by waterfalls, filming her kids with an iPad that wasn't even in a case. It didn't seem like a brilliant plan, but I didn't give it too much thought because it did not affect our watery fun in any way.)

I'd love it if school talent shows, kids' plays, concerts and the like had three stationary cameras filming the entire production that parents could get copies of later. That might be creating more work for people who already have too much, but there's got to be a better way.

Have you found any solution to this phenomenon?

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