Bel Air Verizon store among first to become Smart outlet

December 09, 2013|Aegis report

In an effort to help its customers reverse the company's observation that most people use only about 10 percent of their cell phones' capabilities, Verizon has begun turning some of its retail outlets into what it calls "Smart Stores," with one of the first being in Bel Air.

"Customers are not just walking through the door for handsets anymore," Rob Lang, manager at the Bel Air Verizon Wireless store, said in a press release. "They're walking in to find wireless solutions to help them lose weight, sleep better, stay healthy, reduce energy consumption, save energy costs, and keep their homes, kids and cars safe."

Each new Smart Store, like the one in Bel Air, features interactive Lifestyle Zones where customers can engage with specialists and experience wireless gadgets, applications and tech gear, running on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network, designed to enrich their wireless lives.

The Lifestyle Zones include: Get Fit, for sports and fitness buffs; Amplify It, for music aficionados; Have Fun, for gamers; Home and On The Go, for home monitoring and energy management, and Anywhere Business for mobile professionals and entrepreneurs.

"Our Smart store functions as a real-life mobile laboratory where consumers can experiment first-hand with new solutions and test out the latest innovations like fitness bands that sync with a smartphone and track distance runs, heart rate and sleep quality; HD wireless nanny-cams that beam images to parents' phones; and energy saving devices that allow you to turn lights on or off remotely from a smartphone app," Lang said in the press release

The Verizon Wireless Smart Store also includes a workshop area with seating where a staff member can share tips about getting the most out of a device and lead classes in front of a large touch-screen digital display screen. Customers also can visit the Customize It Zone and create colorful covers for their smartphones and personalize them with photos.

In addition to its store redesign, Verizon Wireless has introduced new ways of doing business that make shopping for wireless devices and services easier, more convenient and more personalized. Solution, education and experience specialists in all company-owned stores use tablets, which enable them to spend more time with customers. Verizon Wireless' new online store uses a discovery engine that allows it to recommend products that may be of interest based on past purchases a customer has made.

The Bel Air Smart Store is at 2 Bel Air South Parkway. Please visit for store hours and directions.

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