Weather Channel's Jim Cantore to visit Baltimore for morning rush-hour snowfall

December 09, 2013|By Scott Dance, The Baltimore Sun

The forecasts say 4 inches of snow are expected, but be prepared for a blizzard -- Jim Cantore is coming.

The Weather Channel meteorologist, whose Twitter bio says he is "[a]lways awaiting mother natures latest temper tantrum", plans to do morning live shots from Baltimore, he said on the microblogging website Monday afternoon. Cantore is known for coming to town any time extreme weather strikes. 

Of course, mayhem doesn't always follow Cantore. He reported from Washington, D.C., last March when the capital city, as well as Baltimore, were forecast to get hit with a snowstorm dubbed by many the "Snowquester". But that storm didn't live up to its name, bringing only a trace of snow to Baltimore.

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