'The Amazing Race' recap, 'Amazing 'Crazy' Race'

  • In this Speed Bump, Cousins Jamal (pictured) and Leo must become apprentice zoo keepers on "The Amazing Race."
In this Speed Bump, Cousins Jamal (pictured) and Leo must become… (CBS )
December 09, 2013|Janell Sutherland | For The Baltimore Sun

Previously on "The Amazing Race," there were so many teams! And they were so happy! Until Phil sent most of them home. Last week, Leo and Jamal came in last place. Tonight, we find out who wins.

Here’s the part where I tell you that my professional recapping skills failed me. My Tivo did not record! I was lollygagging around my house, fixing school lunches, talking on the phone, planning vacations, giving myself a delayed start so that I could skip all the commercials. I turned on my TV about thirty minutes into the episode only to discover my worst nightmare.

So, I missed some kind of airport drama. According to Twitter, the top three teams conspired against the Afghanimals somehow. I don’t think it worked. Everyone flew to Tokyo, and they had to make a phone call underwater and there might have been a Detour option involving cats. 

The other Detour option was a wacky Japanese game show, featuring the same host (in the same suit) from Season 20’s classic, “Eat the Wasabi!” I loved that game. Tonight’s game is a version of human bowling, with one person sitting in an innertube and the other person shoving them down a ramp into some pins.

I caught up with Tim and Marie alone at the game show, probably right after their dark moment. Marie pushed Tim down the ramp and he knocked over all the pins, but they were in last place. Oh no!

A Real Drill

Before the next task, the Afghanimals have a Speed Bump where they have to become apprentice zookeepers by pretending to capture an escaped rhino. The “rhino” is a giant puppet carried around by two people, and a mob of zoo keepers surround it with nets.

Phil informs us that this is really how they practice. Luckily, Leo and Jamal capture the fake rhino and put it in the back of a truck, where it will live to escape another day.

Teamwork: Yay or Nay?

The next task is a Roadblock. One third of the world’s robots are made and used in Japan, so the task is to build a robot out of very large cardboard tubes. The finished robot is about eight feet tall. The example for them to follow is about four inches tall. Oh, sneaky.

Amy and Nicole decide to work together, so they run back and forth between their robots, building them simultaneously. It’s physically tough, the pieces are tricky to fit together and the giant robot body is hard to maneuver.

Leo takes the task for his team, noting sarcastically, “That’s cute, they’re helping each other.”

Tim and Marie get there and are surprised to see the Afghanimals are ahead of them. Marie takes the task, but she can’t find the example robot. She asks the others, but Amy and Nicole ignore her. Leo finally points it out.

Now, Marie always proves herself, so she catches up to the others fairly quickly. Nicole takes to ordering Amy to focus, “Do not look at Marie.”

On the sidelines, Jason says that he and Travis are frustrated because, as manly men, they would have been done by now. Get over it, Jason.

Leo finishes first, but he’s told that it’s not correct. Amy notices that his torso piece is backwards. Then she and Nicole finish, but they aren’t correct. Helpful captioning shows us that their robot hips are where their robot shoulders should be.

Marie finishes, and she nails it on the first try! She runs off, shouting, “Thanks for not helping me, guys.” 

Jason and Travis say rude things about their women.

Amy finally realizes their problem, so she and Nicole take apart their robots. They rebuild them separately, Amy finishing first. She passes. She helps Nicole for a few minutes, knowing that Leo still hasn’t figured out his problem. 

Finally Amy leaves, then Leo finishes.

Travis is left alone to say awful things. “Come on, Nicole, it’s not rocket science. I’m not used to this. I usually know that I can rely on me, and Nicole is showing me she’s not the same as me. She needs to be confident and decisive.”

When she finishes, they run off together and he yells, “You gotta learn to build stuff.” Nicole probably appreciates that helpful tip after she’s already built stuff.

Even More Robots!

Teams pick up their next clue from a roaming vending machine in Shibuya Crossing, the famously busy intersection downtown. From there, they walk to the Konno Hachimango Shrine, a thousand-year-old landmark. Phil is waiting there, wearing a nice black shirt, standing next to a human robot.

Tim and Marie find Phil first! Phil says, “Marie, this is the happiest I’ve seen you! You’re almost in love with him right now!”

Tim corrects him. “She did the Roadblock, she’s in love with herself right now.” Marie just smiles.

Jason and Amy get to the Pit Stop soon after. 

The third team to race for the finish line is…Travis and Nicole! Nicole tells the robot that she doesn’t like it.

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