Bring our troops home now [Letter]

December 08, 2013

The only issue that President Obama and I agree on is getting our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. As a Vietnam veteran, I personally witnessed the killing fields of American soldiers when that corrupt government and its citizens did not want us in their country.

Contrary to The Sun editorial board's recent suggestion, we have wasted enough American lives and treasure on this part of the world ("The Karzai enigma," Dec. 2). In fact, we should pack up and leave now. Staying another minute in this ungrateful country isn't worth a single American life.

Should Iraq, Iran or Afghanistan choose to allow their country to once again be safe havens for terrorist as a staging area to attack us, then we should unleash the military air power of this country and bomb them further back into the Stone Age.

Ron Wirsing, Havre de Grace

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