Don't raise the gas tax [Letter]

December 08, 2013

Our government has touted more fuel efficient autos and trucks, built roads and bridges to nowhere, provided pork to many legislators and generally robbed the transportation fund for other projects ("The toll on America," Dec. 6). Now comes the unintended consequences of our action. Here in Maryland, we have poached our transportation funds for decades with a pledge to restore those funds. We have by greatly increasing our state gas tax.

We all want better roads and bridges but we also want enough money to buy gas to enjoy them.

Along with supporting this increase, The Sun somehow blames the GOP (unfairly) for the problems in our transportation system. No, the GOP does not want our country to wither, but it does not want the burden placed on one entity, the taxpayer.

Let's address the problems within the system before raising the gas tax to some arbitrary number and declaring the problem solved.

Any rise in the tax should be accompanied by rules governing how these funds are used. Otherwise, America can only afford to drive halfway across that bridge to nowhere.

Dan Shannahan, Fullerton

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