Rebecca Black debuts 'Saturday,' meta follow-up to 'Friday'

December 08, 2013|By Sydney Bucksbaum, Zap2it

Apologies if you literally juuuuust got "Friday" out of your head after being stuck there for two years. Rebecca Black is back, and she's got a meta follow-up music video named ... you guessed it. "Saturday."

The sequel to the viral hit "Friday" is much more professionally produced, both musically and visually, and features a male vocalist, Dave Days. But we can't stop laughing over all the meta callbacks to Black's first internet video. 

Here are our 10 favorite parts of "Saturday" ...

10. When the video starts, Black is clearly waking up hungover, with the destruction from "Friday's" party all around her. 

9. There's even photos from "Friday" all over the ground.

8. She, along with the rest of the world, is "trying to get 'Friday' out of [her] head."

7. The photo above. After two years, she's still "gotta have [her] bowl."

6. Black and her friends draw "So excited" in the sand. 'Cuz "we we we so excited." Get it? 

5. A few guys fangirl when Black walks through the door of a party. Meanwhile, other girls give her the stank face. Niiiice.

4. These lyrics. I mean. Come on. "Yesterday was Friday. Today is Saturday." We were waiting the entire song to hear that!

3. A bunch of guys are trying to figure out the order of the days of the week on a chalk board. Thank goodness Black's in the next room. She can help them out with that.

2. Random Miley Cyrus look-alike twerking in the center of the dance floor. That had nothing to do with "Friday" but deserves a shout out nonetheless. 

1. The best part: a guy runs in shouting the rap chorus from "Friday" only to get detained by a cop. Seriously. We're not making this up!

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