Hopkins should end animal mutilations [Letter]

December 07, 2013

I, for one, am thankful that PETA has revealed how my tax dollars are squandered on ridiculous sex experiments on rodents right in my backyard ("PETA attacks animal research for sexual health issues," Dec. 3). It's ironic that Johns Hopkins claims to "take care" of their animals, when in fact they intentionally mutilate their genitals and kill all of them in these horrible experiments.

I know that erectile dysfunction is big business, but an institution like the National Institutes of Health should not be funding something like this when they don't have enough money to fund research that can actually save lives. There are already drugs on the market that can help with impotence — all you have to do is watch TV for one hour and you'll see several ads for each.

Lisa Hines, Laurel

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