College worth the cost [Letter]

December 06, 2013

As the value of education rises, so does tuition and the demand for a college education ("College is not for everyone," Nov. 26). While college is costly, many schools encourage students to attend college because receiving a college education does ensure a better future.

Studies have proven that the gap in employment and earnings between college graduates and those without a degree is growing. According to Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce, approximately 60 percent of jobs statewide today require a college degree. The investment for attending college may be high, but having a college degree opens doors to more job opportunities and ensures more stable careers, ultimately securing a better life in the long run. Not only that, but college exposes students to a more professional setting and helps enforce independence and responsibility for their own lives.

Although each student may not have the same incentives to learn the material, they're not just walking away having learned nothing, they're walking away with a new experience that may help prepare them for the harsh realities of the working world.

Emily Yuen, Gaithersburg

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