Hey, look: D.C. has something nice to say about Baltimore

Washington Post discovers food, actual neighborhoods up B-W Parkway

December 06, 2013

Maybe we CAN all just get along.

In its Going-Out Guide, The Washington Post discovers "A side of Baltimore you’ve never seen," by which, they mean cool places to eat, drink, see art and catch some live music.

This comes after our D.C. friends have dissed our rats, waxed condescending about our attractions and trashed sainted chef Spike Gjerde's new restaurant. (Oh, wait. We did, too.)

But Post writer Lavanya Ramanathan sounds earnest in her interest in Baltimore, and she took the time to speak (and listen) to Gjerde and street artist Gaia. 

For that, we say, thanks. Sincerely. And yet. That STILL doesn't dissuade us from believing any of the 100 reasons why Baltimore is better than D.C.

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