'Scandal' recap, 'YOLO'

  • Kerry Washington in the "YOLO" episode of ABC's "Scandal."
Kerry Washington in the "YOLO" episode of ABC's… (Richard Cartwright / ABC )
December 06, 2013|Lauren McEwen | For The Baltimore Sun

When I checked the episode guide and saw that last night’s episode was titled “YOLO,” I knew that things were going to get insane. And they did, quickly.

Huck’s in full-on torture mode. He’s got a naked Quinn on the floor, tied up with duct tape, and is narrating the ways that he plans to hurt her. Because they are friends, he’ll yank out her teeth with pliers instead of taking off toes or fingers. Thanks?

At one point, he licks the side of her face and apologizes because he is going to enjoy hurting her; it is one of the creepiest TV moments I have ever witnessed. I hate Quinn as much as the next “Scandal” viewer, but that scene was disturbing. Especially since Quinn already knew how Huck’s interrogation tactics work. She was ready to tell him everything about B613 the second she got in the door.

Huck’s interrupted by a call from a frantic Olivia, who doesn’t know what to do with her not-dead mother who is in her apartment. Huck tells her to take the battery out of her phone and head for the safe house. I don’t ever want to get to the point in my life where I have to have a designated safe house.

Disturbing torture scene or not, I laughed until my sides hurt when Huck decided to stick around a few minutes to pull out the first tooth and justified it with, “What’s that stupid thing the kids are saying? YOLO?”

Hey, Sally Langston! Haven’t seen you around these parts much lately. Now that Josie Marcus isn’t running for president, Sally’s more determined than ever to run against Fitz as an independent. But her campaign manager, Leo Bergen, needs her to do one thing before he’s fully on board: she must become pro-choice. He’s not asking for ideological reasons. He’s demanding it because she won’t win women’s votes if she’s against abortion, and he refuses to support a loser.

Of course, Sally doesn’t want to betray her personal beliefs or give up the support of the religious right, but eventually she comes up with a stance on abortion that Leo can live with.

Cyrus is still reeling over James’s betrayal, and James is milking it, dropping as many sexual innuendos about his interview with Daniel Douglas as he can. Love it that James finally has the upper hand, but this cannot end well. Cyrus is only going to spend so much time in sobbing in a fetal position before he gets up and starts wrecking things.

Cue a flashback of Young Liv at her parents’ kitchen table eating Fruit Loops and listening to Michael Jackson’s “Ben” while reading “Bridge to Terabithia.” (If Young Liv and Young me met, we’d definitely be BFFs.) It’s that same memory of Maya rushing off to catch her flight that Liv had a couple of weeks ago. She’s trying to replay that moment in her mind, to figure out where things went left and Maya ended up in an underground prison for 20 years.

Present day: all of P&A (except Quinn, who is busy) is at the safe house, freaking out over Maya. Abby demands Maya tell them where she’s been all this time. Maya claims she’d found some of Eli’s files and was going to give them to a reporter, take Liv and run, but he caught her in time and boom: underground prison. But she escaped before he could move her out of the country.

Jake and Huck know better, though. No one escapes Command. They pin Maya down on a table and surgically remove her tracking device, just as Charlie and one of Eli’s other goons are on their way to the safe house. They get out just in time.

Liv decides that they’ll ship her mother off to Hong Kong. Now they just have to figure out a way out of the city. Eli is shutting down every way out of the District that he can think of and tracking clusters of burner phones to find them.

Abby and Harrison are at the recently ransacked office when Harrison gets a visit from a mysterious woman who I’m assuming is getting a fake passport for Maya. Can’t really tell, because she and Harrison both talk annoyingly fast. She also knows Saleef, the criminal that Cyrus let back into the U.S. when he was upset with Harrison. Harrison freaks at the news that Saleef’s back in town, but since we still don’t know why, it’s hard to care just yet.

At the White House, Mellie badgers Cyrus about the status of the Daniel Douglas situation. Cyrus insists that they’re holding, but Mellie, worried about Fitz’s re-election, isn’t hearing any of that.

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