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December 05, 2013|By Christopher Dinsmore, The Baltimore Sun

When I was growing up, I used to spend a bit of time hanging around the video arcade at the mall, plunking quarters into my favorite game — Asteroids.

I got to be pretty good, but I never could get my name up among the top scores on the machine. They were out of this world.

Most places to work are like that. They’re decent. They strive to be better. They work hard to take it to the next level, just like in a video game.

The top workplaces honored in this magazine are the top scorers in the Baltimore area when it comes to creating great places to work.

That’s why The Baltimore Sun proudly presents Baltimore’s Top 100 Workplaces, listing the region’s top places to work based on confidential surveys of their employees.

This year, for the first time in the program’s history, we recognize 100 top employers, more than in the first two years, as the program grows.

They range from big publicly traded information technology firms to private schools to small marketing houses.

But they share a common thread: People like working for them.

Their employees are committed to the mission and even have fun at work every day.

The employers reward them with regular feedback, good benefits and sometimes eye-popping perks.

Quality leaders nurture these workplaces, creating environments where employees and employers work toward a common goal, and that pays off for the company’s bottom line over and over again.

To identify Baltimore’s top workplaces, The Sun worked with WorkplaceDynamics, a Philadelphia-based consulting firm, to conduct employee surveys and crunch the data. WorkplaceDynamics, whose mission is to help employers create places where people want to work, has conducted similar surveys for more than two dozen U.S. newspapers and helped The Sun produce Baltimore’s Top Workplaces for the past three years.

WorkplaceDynamics scored the results and divided the employers into three categories: large, medium and small. Doug Claffey, the firm’s CEO, explains how on page 22.

The list of the top companies across those categories starts on page 20. There are profiles of the No. 1 workplaces and others in the top 10 of each category are highlighted.

This year, The Sun asked business writer Eileen Ambrose to examine Baltimore’s Top 100 Workplaces and look for what makes them good places to work, what gives them top scores. She identified 20 things that help them reach the top. Check out those tips, starting on page 10. Maybe next year, your workplace can take it to the next level and crack the list using these tips. 

But it’s a lot like that Asteroids video game I used to play; the best also keep getting better. 


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