(Guinea) pigs to fly in Hampden

Shop offers fantasy taxidermy class

December 04, 2013

Pigs will soon fly in Hampden.

Guinea pigs, that is.

Bazaar, purveyors of "oddities and curiosities" on Chestnut Avenue, will be offering a six-hour class in "fantasy creatures taxidermy" on Jan. 19. During the class — taught by renowned taxidermist Katie Innamorato — students will fashion winged guinea pigs.

Before you get your fur ruffled over the thought of taxidermy-ing the poor little creatures, the store's co-owner, Greg Hatem, said the guinea pigs are "ethically sourced."

In other words, he said, they died of natural causes.

The bad news is the class, which cost $175 a person, sold out within five hours of being posted. The class was limited to 12 participants, given the delicacy of the work and the small size of the shop.

The good news is that Bazaar plans to offer another taxidermy class around Valentine's Day. That class will focus on creating "something romantic" with moles, Hatem said.

Julie Scharper

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