Two matches shape up TLC on RAW

December 03, 2013|By Arda Ocal

Both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan both have 3 on 1 matches ahead of them at TLC - Daniel Bryan will meet the Wyatt Family, while CM Punk tackles the Shield. This creates two interesting matches at the PPV that will likely battle for the title of show-stealer. Much of RAW including the last segment, was spent highlighting the past rivalry between Randy Orton and John Cena and how their match at TLC will be guaranteed to unify the WWE/World Heavyweight titles (I'm still not 100 percent sold).

The biggest thing that jumped out at me when Orton and Cena were speaking back and forth was that Orton feels on par with Cena, and its been a long time since a regular WWE roster member felt this way. Cena made some excellent points against Orton but The Viper had excellent poise with the WWE's main talent, including his terrific facial expressions. The brawl was intense and was one of the better "match buildup" brawls we have seen in a while (including the fact that in the heat of it all, Cena took a second to give his shirt to a child in the audience before Orton took control).

What else you need to know from WWE RAW: 

*Zeb Colter called the PTP the "Prime Time Pukers". Oh my. Real Americans beat PTP.

*Mark Henry soundly defeated Fandango, cementing positions on the roster for both.

*Damien Sandow is the #1 contender for the IC title after beating Dolph Ziggler and will challenge Big E Langston for the gold at TLC. Big E mentioned "Skip It" on commentary, popping 80's kids everywhere.

*Natalya becomes No. 1 contender to AJ's Diva's title after a victory on RAW.

*There was a Smackdown recap on RAW. Mind. Blown!

*Bad News Barrett debuted these hilarious segments on JBL/Cole Show. It's funny when he actually has bad news to report -- like people being constipated after Thanksgiving.

*Xavier Woods beat Brodus Clay, who seems to be getting frustrated. I hope this means he turns into the monster we formerly saw him as, I'd back that 100 percent (until I get bored of it, which could happen quickly if he is portrayed a certain way). Love the HipHopKido reference by Michael Cole having spoken with Xavier Woods.

*Daniel Bryan is back. Somehow. And beats Erick Rowan. Bray Wyatt delivers an eerie promo afterwards.

*Kane now speaks eloquently, which is awesome and hilarious.

*Alberto Del Rio lost to Sin Cara (Hunico?)

*The Shield beat the Rhodes Bros and Big Show, cheaply. I prefer a dominant Shield over one that wins by banana peel slip.

*Miz And Kofi lose to Curtis Axel and Ryback. Miz is bad again after putting differences aside with Miz before the match. Ho Hum.

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