Don't be so quick to judge 'diploma mill' [Letter]

December 03, 2013

I am sure that there will be great criticism about Baltimore social services workers' decision to have foster kids get their diplomas in a day through a school in Philadelphia ("Diplomas in a day," Nov. 25). While it may not be the best way for these children to get their diplomas, we need to think about why these kids are in this situation.

Traditional school is not for everyone. Children in foster care are often traumatized, moving from place to place, and therefore from school to school. What this truly points to is the need for a more flexible school system that can assist kids with special needs whether they be foster children, have mental health issues, disabilities or other disadvantages.

Instead of worrying about getting more technology into our schools, let's worry about the children we are not getting to school, who are not getting a diploma because the traditional school day does not work for them. These are the children that need an education the most, and they are often falling through the cracks.

Katherine Heinz, Perry Hall

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