Thanksgiving shopping not a cause for protest [Letter]

December 02, 2013

I mean no disrespect, but I expected better from Susan Reimer than her recent column on Thanksgiving shopping ("Thanks for not shopping," Nov. 25). Having read her previous columns, I felt she was of reasonable mind. She has since convinced me otherwise.

Has it ever occurred to Ms. Reimer that the folks working on Thanksgiving are doing so of their own free will? They are doing so to better their families, perhaps give them a better holiday season. The pay is great and so are the discounts. There were employees leaving fliers on cars at one of the major stores that will be open begging people to stop with the threats of boycotts and calls of protests. They chose to work. It's not all day, and the majority will still find time to enjoy a wonderful holiday meal with families either before or after.

In any event, none of them say they remember asking anyone to rally to their defense. If you don't like the stores being open, don't go. It's as simple as that! The biggest issue I have, however, is the writer's hypocrisy as to who she deems worthy of standing up for. In her column, she even suggests folks "watch a little football" instead of going shopping. Did it ever occur to her that good, hardworking folks are also having to work to put that football game together? I'm not just referring to the players and coaches, I'm talking about the concession stand folks who get up at the crack of dawn, the parking lot attendants who will stand out in the cold, TV crews, the facilities service workers, custodians, security guards, etc. I didn't hear any calls to cancel all the football games so that these good folks could spend the day with families.

Ms. Reimer also suggests shopping online. Did it occur to her that there are actually humans involved in processing these orders, answering customer service orders, etc.? Guess they are not worthy in her eyes.

Now, I agree that Christmas has become unbelievably commercial. It shouldn't be about gifts anyway but about the birth of Christ for those of the Christian faith. However, last I knew this was a free country and we are all able to earn a living. Her efforts to rally the troops on this shows she believes differently. Obviously, if it weren't worth it for these stores to be open, they wouldn't do it. Someone is shopping, and likely they will again this year.

So, until Ms. Reimer is willing to stand up for all people, not just for the cause of the season, I suggest she go back to things she may really know because this is something about which she is way off!

Jwanna Mercedes

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