'The Amazing Race' recap: 'Cobra In My Teeth'

  • "Cobra in my Teeth"-- In Detour A, Dating couple Amy (pictured) and Jason must make each other up as a traditional Javanese bride in order to receive the next clue.
"Cobra in my Teeth"-- In Detour A, Dating couple… (Best Possible Screen Grab…)
December 02, 2013|Janell Sutherland | For The Baltimore Sun

Let’s bypass all the shenanigans and get real, shall we? It’s the penultimate night of "The Amazing Race," four teams are left and cobras are on the menu.

Tastes like snake-ish chicken

Still in Indonesia, teams are sent from the Pit Stop to King Cobra House for their next clue. They are told they’ll each have to eat a serving of a local dish. They all depart within 20 minutes of each other, but Tim and Marie’s cab driver drops them off at the wrong entrance to the area.

In their cab, Leo wonders if they’ll have to eat a snake. Jamal says, “They don’t eat snakes here.” Then they get to the Cobra House and are served a four-inch portion of grilled cobra. Eat those words, Jamal! And also, eat that snake!

Jason and Amy arrive next. Amy says she loves eating challenges. The Afghanimals lie and say that Tim and Marie already left. Jason says that the skin tastes “snake-ish.”

Travis says, “Luckily Nicole does eat, she’s not a salad-eating woman.” I’ve had some delicious salads in my life, but, sure, I get what he’s saying. He also says that, since they’re physicians, they don’t get freaked out by body parts, even if they’re animal body parts.

The saga of Marie and food

“Marie is the toughest girl I know, but there’s some food issues,” says Tim. Marie claims that she’s very picky, and meat would be her worst fear. “I just can’t eat gross stuff,” Marie says.

Luckily they spend some time wandering around lost, so she has time to build up her fear. Finally, they go back to their cab and get to the right entrance after the other teams have left.

She does freak out a bit when she sees the cobras, but says, “I can’t be the girl that didn’t eat the snake.” There’s your life motto, girls. Don’t be that girl.

The other teams are at the Roadblock. They go to a crater near an active volcano. Then they pick up two flats of eggs, hold them while riding on the back of a small motorcycle on a narrow dirt path, then put a dozen eggs into a colander tied to a stick. Then they boil the eggs in a hot spring. Afterward, the egg man will inspect each egg. If they’re all boiled, they get the next clue.

Jason, Travis and Jamal are all boiling eggs together. They sit around chatting until Jason and Travis leave together. Jamal waits two minutes longer.

Back at the egg man, Jason delivers first. They appear cooked, but when the egg man cuts each egg in half and pokes it with his finger, he declares that only six are good. Travis fails, also. Jamal’s extra two minutes weren’t quite good enough, so they all go back to the spring.

Jason decides to set his watch for 20 minutes. Travis says they should tell Marie that it only takes eight minutes. They wait and wait. After 20 minutes or so, they leave. Jason passes Marie on the dirt road and tells her that it was quick. Then Travis passes her and tells her it was tiresome.

Tim gives us great insight into his character, if his character is a person who really understands Marie. You see, Marie has never hard-boiled eggs before. She doesn’t know how. Tim interviews that Marie lacks patience and the only thing that boiling eggs requires is patience. “If she can’t figure out that the eggs go in the basket, and the basket goes in the water, then...” he mimes his head exploding.

Oddly enough, Marie is holding her basket of eggs over the water. Then she decides to put them in the water. She thinks that it shouldn’t take long, but then again, she kind of caught up with the others, so she figures they might have taken a long time. While she boils her eggs, she says, “This sucks. It smells and it’s hot and I hate eggs and I just ate a snake. So far, today blows.”

Tim explains that everything Marie does cook is well-done, and she does it again this time. Marie waits long enough and cooks all of her eggs on the first try. “I overcook things, that’s what I do.”

Painted ladies and painted men

One Detour option is Paint Your Partner, where partners make each other up as traditional Javanese brides without the use of a mirror. This includes foundation, eyeshadow, three sets of fake lashes, jewels, gold stickers and black paint. Oh, and a wig. 

Jason and Amy and Travis and Nicole choose this option, the women thinking they’ll be good at makeup. It’s very elaborate. The men have to shave for this. Jason had stubble, Travis had a mustache and goatee; it’s weird to see their post-interviews with bare faces.

After an hour or so, the men aren’t having much fun. Travis’s face is too oily and sweaty for the glitter stickers to stick well, so Nicole pins them to his hair. 

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