If you could trade one current Oriole, who would it be and why?

November 30, 2013|By Dan Connolly, The Baltimore Sun

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and could wear your fat pants to work Friday.

You and your fat pants are welcome at the bar anytime (You just have to wear some type of pants. As the owner of this establishment, I have to have some rules).

The Orioles’ offseason so far has been one filled with rumors and minor moves. Nothing big yet, and, frankly, I didn’t expect anything major when this offseason started. And I still don’t.

There’s plenty of time, however, for Orioles’ executive vice president Dan Duquette to make a move or two that ends up on the radar and not beneath it.

I still believe the Orioles will re-sign second baseman Brian Roberts. Also, Scott Feldman and Nate McLouth could return, too, but I think those re-signings are a little less likely.

I think they will add another starting pitcher and a potential power bat to play left field. I’m not sure the new additions will be eye-poppers. But there’s no question in my mind Duquette will add some more players. That’s what he does.

I also think the Orioles have a trade in them this winter. And you’ve heard several names in rumors that could be available – emphasis on could be – such as J.J. Hardy, Matt Wieters, Jim Johnson, Nick Markakis, Brian Matusz, etc.

I think the most likely scenario is that the Orioles trade a reliever for a hitter, preferably an outfielder, that the club thinks can at least be a platoon player. Johnson will get them more than a platoon player, given his 101 saves in two seasons, but the $10-million-plus salary he is looking at for 2014 makes him cost prohibitive for many clubs.

Markakis and Wieters also will have a lot of money attached to them. The Orioles would expect a whole lot back in return for Wieters and Hardy, and their absences would create major holes on the team.

Still, maybe you see a scenario where it would be best to deal one of the above players. That’s your charge this weekend.

I want to see who you would deal – and for what or whom, if you have specific suggestions – to make this club better for 2014. Pick one current Oriole and trade him. And tell me why you did it.

Daily Think Special: If you could trade one Oriole, who would it be and why?

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