Don't take away my Berger cookies [Letter]

  • Packaged Berger Cookies are ready for delivery.
Packaged Berger Cookies are ready for delivery. (Amy Davis, Baltimore Sun…)
November 29, 2013

Let's admit it; the so-called "war on drugs" is and has been a failure. However, most of us are not affected by the ludicrous policy and do not speak on behalf of those who want to smoke an illegal substance.

I used to make jokes about the criminalization of drugs that led to people wandering into "bad" neighborhoods and dealing with dangerous people. In jest I'd say "hope I never have to go to dodgy street corners to get my fix."

Now the joke is on me. My Berger cookies are under attack ("FDA trans-fat ban threatens Berger cookies," Nov. 22). Come on, fellow citizens, please support my habit. Your comfort food could be next.

Since our country has become our "homeland," the government has invaded every aspect of our lives. I don't want to live in a motherland or fatherland that tells me what I can eat. I'm a grown-up and I want my cookies!

Susan Wolf Dudley, Baltimore

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