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In Old Line Society, a new generation of philanthropists

Brothers founded social group for young professionals

November 29, 2013|By Julie Scharper and Sloane Brown, The Baltimore Sun | By Julie Scharper and Sloane Brown, The Baltimore Sun

The Batoff brothers have been active in the Walters Enthusiasts group for younger patrons of the arts, says Mona M. Rock, a museum spokeswoman, lending their "energy, connections, love of art and true belief in the mission of the Walters" to events.

Carol Batoff, the brothers' mother, says she is not surprised that her sons have gotten involved in charitable giving. She and her husband, Steven Batoff, have been "quietly involved" in a number of organizations over the years, including giving money to Hopkins when the boys were students to help launch the Center for Financial Economics.

"We included them in everything," she says. "They did understand from an early age that it is important to give back. If you have dreams and aspirations for these organizations, then you need to play your part in helping them be successful."

The brothers say that they hope the Old Line Society will help charitable organizations create their own groups for young professionals. They want to see their peers form lasting relationships with nonprofits.

And, even when they trade their Tuscany-Canterbury condominium for the farmhouse in the country, they plan to stay active in the city — side by side.

As Jeremy says, "We stay together."



Sloane Brown is a contributing writer for The Baltimore Sun.

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