Council ought to act in local residents' interests [Letter]

November 28, 2013

I just want to comment on the decision made by Baltimore County Council ("Baltimore County Council rejects low-income housing project," Nov. 18). This council acted in the best interest of the residents of this community for a change. Baltimore County seems to want to saturate the area with such housing when there is already enough. The council did the job they were hired to do — listened to their constituents and did what they wanted.

Our community has not been as fortunate. So the council gets one star for doing something for the good for one neighborhood.

County Executive Kevin Kamenetz claims the council is sending the "wrong message." Maybe he should authorize low-income housing in his neighborhood or in the Stevenson area and see how long it takes for that to make the papers. I can remember when Hollander Ridge was constructed and what a mess it was, a total disaster. Now, it is a commercial park. If areas like this are not taken care of, they become eyesores and rat traps where crime just breeds. Mr. Kamenetz also worries that there is discrimination against people who use Section 8 vouchers. This administration doesn't know the meaning of the word discrimination.

Our neighborhood has been discriminated against and been misrepresented at the same time when the laws are not enforced to the letter. It is discrimination when taxpayers have to endure illegal trespassing. I think that this council and this administration should take care of the existing problems before making more and then by listening to the residents.

Our entire problem is caused by religion and politics and the county should keep religion out of government policies. It has been stated that no one is above the law but that isn't the case when government puts religion first. In my neighborhood, it is St. Ursula Roman Catholic Church that thinks it owns the cul-de-sac and it can do whatever it pleases. Cooperation is not one of their priorities. They just take what they want to benefit their wants and convenience. And Baltimore County allows this injustice with speeding, cut-through traffic and blocking legal access. There has never been any consideration or concern for the welfare of our children and grandchildren for many years and the laws need to be abided by to have here what we once had — a safe place to raise these children like it was in the past.

Janet Keplinger, Parkville

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