After Survivor Series, clash of champions John Cena and Randy Orton makes sense

November 25, 2013|By Arda Ocal

It was a scene we have (sort of) seen before: John Cena and Randy Orton, face to face, two champions in the ring.

We have seen John Cena and Randy Orton square off. We have seen John Cena, as champion, stare down another champion (CM Punk).

Where this will lead is the big question.

Among many in the WWE fan base there has been discussion of title unification -- the World Heavyweight title today feels more like the Intercontinental title of 20 years ago, as opposed to a major championship equal to the WWE title. With the way things unfolded after Randy Orton retained the gold Sunday by punting Big Show in the head (a rare sight since the punt was outlawed previously), you have to wonder, is unification is the next step?

Once upon a time, people would peg Cena and Orton as superstar equals, both draws in WWE, both cash cow mega stars. Cena pulled ahead in the race in recent years, but this might be Orton's moment to  lose the gap if this unfolds favorably.

Are we excited for this match? Truthfully it may not even happen, as we don't exactly know John Cena's involvement with "The Authority."

But if Randy Orton is called the "face of WWE", John Cena, who is unanimously considered the face of WWE, would have something to say about it -- and a match between the two would make sense.

Other Survivor Series results

** Big E Langston retained his Intercontinental title over Curtis Axel impressively. After the match he dropped a Red Sox reference to light up the Boston crowd.

** CM Punk and Daniel Bryan defeated the Wyatt Family in an entertaining match that many hardcore fans in the audience enjoyed.

** Team Total Divas beat Team AJ in a tradition Survivor Series match.

** In an impromptu match, Mark Henry defeated Ryback, who is asking for open challenges. Could Goldberg answer the call in the future?

** Roman Reigns was the sole survivor in what I thought was the match of the night. Reigns eliminated 4 of the 5 on the other team, and that speaks volumes about his future. I'll call it now: he's breaking the record for most Rumble eliminations in January. He is a future World champion.

** The Miz beat Kofi Kingston in the pre show -- he'd make a good next challenger for Big E Langston.

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