'The Amazing Race' recap, 'Part Like the Red Sea'

  • In Detour A, Exes Marie (pictured) and Tim must deliver food to a hungry elephant in order to receive the next clue on "The Amazing Race."
In Detour A, Exes Marie (pictured) and Tim must deliver food… (CBS )
November 25, 2013|Janell Sutherland | For The Baltimore Sun

Last week on "The Amazing Race," I rooted for the Baseball Bunny Ninja Wives, and they lost. So now I’m going to root for a team that I actually believe will win: Team Exes. The show loves to highlight all of Marie’s screaming and ordering Tim around, but I think she’s one of the most self-aware Racers the team has had. She knows what she looks like and sometimes she plays it up, always with a wink to the camera. She never has a total breakdown, so I think she has a lot of control. And she’s tough. So, Tim and Marie for the win!

The Sainthood of Travis and Nicole

Team Married took first place in the last leg, and we’re reminded that they U-Turned the Afghanimals because “they lied.” The Marrieds live by a moral code, and they talk in an interview about their faith, how they want to be beacons of faith. They say a prayer in the cab.

I don’t think religion has been brought up in previous episodes, but it’s certainly getting highlighted now. Hmm…I wonder why?

Cab talk

Checking in with other teams as they drive to the airport on their way to Indonesia… Dater Jason asks Overachieving Amy if Indonesia “has, like, Chinese people? Or Indians?” She doesn’t answer! She just laughs at him! It’s a serious question, Amy.

In the Ex cab, they discuss who has made more mistakes. Marie feels the need to tally them because she claims Tim makes more. Marie looks like she’s messing with him, although Tim looks a little tired of her. Bottom line, Marie doesn’t want to give in to Tim just because she feels bad that they’re not doing what he wants. So, good luck with that, Tim!

The Afghanimals sleep in, by the way. They burst out of their hotel room one minute prior to their departure time. But they’re loud and happy as always, meeting up with the Pink Ice girls at the mat.

Butting Heads

In Bandung, Indonesia, everyone cabs to a Ram Arena. My high school mascot was a ram! For half a second I totally thought this had to do with my high school, which makes me as smart as Jason.

Oh, look, there’s a monkey on stilts!

They have to choose two rams from a truck, walk them to a festival and watch them butt heads, then return them to a truck. These rams are a lot smaller than I was led to believe. My school had a majestic ram statue in the foyer and it was bigger than me. These Indonesian rams are more like goats with really cool horns.

Based on cabs and traffic, the team order is: Marrieds, Pinks (what?!), Afghanimals, Daters and Exes. They have to take a train back into the city; the Marrieds, Pinks and Afghanimals make the first train.

The Daters are in the station buying tickets when the train leaves. Leo and Jamal tell someone that their wives are pregnant (again) to get the train to leave the station faster. I don’t know if they really affected anything, but it gives Travis and Nicole an opportunity to shame the Afghanimals for lying.

So it’s shaping up to be a battle for last place between the Daters and the Exes, because their train leaves an hour later. Have I already doomed my team to lose?

Birds and Elephants and Meltdowns!

Next up is the Detour. For the Birds, The teams have to pick up two lovebirds from the market, deliver them to an arena and encourage the birds to sing. Once they’re scored, a judge will give them a clue.

Travis and Nicole are the only team to choose Birds. What I learned is, people take their bird-singing festivals seriously in Indonesia. I mean, there’s an audience, there are judges, there’s cheering.

Travis clicks some bird-sound thing. When the birds sing, the crowd goes wild. Travis and Nicole jump up and down like they just won the Race, it was that exciting. All the locals want to high-five them. I’m thinking that if you need some validation in your life, the  Prix of lovebirds in Indonesia is a good place to start. 

The Pinks are the first team to choose For the Elephants. The clue tells them to visit a market and pick up eight watermelons, two bunches of bananas, 12 sweet potatoes and five really long pieces of sugar cane. Then they take the food to a zoo, load it onto a hand trolley, transport it to an elephant, then feed the elephant.

Because nothing will work for them this leg, the Pinks head to the zoo first, then wander around looking for hand trolleys, then wonder what they’re missing. Oh. All of the food. They head to the market.

The Afghanimals went to the market first. They load all the food into the trunk of their cab except for the sugarcane, which is so long they have to thread it through the back windows of the cab. When they get to the zoo, they use their scarves from Abu Dhabi to tie up the watermelons, so they don’t fall off the trolley. They successfully feed their elephant and get the next clue.

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