High-tech cans not best way to keep city clean [Letter]

November 23, 2013

I applaud Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake for finally pushing an initiative that will attempt to fight the sanitation code violations that lead to rat infestation in many neighborhoods in the city ("Free pilot program in two areas could be expanded," Nov 20). But I am afraid that distributing free trash cans to residents as a solution is probably way too little and way too late.

I think this idea that the city will be able to track missing trash cans is pure fantasy. I suspect that in a city where getting an accurate water meter reading is nearly impossible, where miscalculated property taxes are routine, and where speeding tickets issued by cameras cannot hold up in court, that monitoring the whereabouts of trash cans will be pretty far down the list of concerns.

I think the city would be better off returning to twice-weekly trash pickup and enforcing the sanitation codes more strictly and more consistently.

Sean Tully, Baltimore

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