It's good to see Joe Flacco step up and say he needs to play better

November 22, 2013|By Mike Preston | The Baltimore Sun

I was glad to hear quarterback Joe Flacco say he was not satisfied with his play this week. Around town, there have been a lot of excuses for Flacco, but he knows he has to play better.

If the Ravens had a better offensive line, Flacco would have better numbers, but so would everyone else on the offense. There are no excuses for the two interceptions he threw last week or several of the others he has thrown this season.

The Ravens wanted to know this season if Flacco had arrived and could play like he did in the last postseason. The answer is no, and Flacco hasn't regressed, just returned to normal.

Even coach John Harbaugh took some little shots at Flacco this week, but he later backed off saying that Flacco was his quarterback.

If Harbaugh had put on some sunglasses and started crying, he would have sounded like T.O. when he was talking about Tony Romo.

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